A guide to approximate expected fees.

Design & draughting fees:
Planning design drawings for extensions & Loft conversions from £900.
Building Regulation drawings & specifications from £800.
A 50% deposit is required, balance due once planning and/or Building regulation applications complete.
My fees are not liable to V.A.T.
Other costs (not all will apply):
Pre planning advice (varies between councils) approx £60.00.
Planning application fee £226.00.
'Lawfulness Certificate' (sometimes required for permitted development projects) £128.00.
Building regulations fees:
These vary depending on size and type of extension. 
Local authority building control provide a fees schedule for plans approval, and all inspections.
I prefer to recommend the services of an approved private building inspector, who on the whole, are comparable to local authority for cost.
The advantages are speed of response to application, plans approval, and queries that may arise. They tend to be more flexibile when liasing with during design and then construction stages.
Once project completed, a completion certificate will be issued.
Fees range from around £450 for small works to £1200 for large or multi extension projects. 
Structural Engineers fees range from around £150 for one steel beam calculation to an average of £500 for extensions, upto £1000 for a complicated Foundation design.

 Due to the ever tighter restrictions for Carbon emissions and the insulation of buildings,
 a S.A.P. report (Standard Assessment Procedure, a method system for measuring the energy rating of residential dwellings)  may be required to show the efficiency of the new extension and the existing.
This is carried out by an energy assessor with a fee between £200 and £350, depending on size of property.

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